The Heart Way Training

The Heart Way©™  begins your process of stepping onto the Vertical Path©™ as you discover, uncover and recover your intellectual emotional spiritual physical balance as a Human Beaming.

Through learning the Language of the Soul©™ we will delve into the deeper regions of Life’s experiences that have been pocketed in our intellectual emotional spiritual physical aspects as human beings becoming human beamings, illuminators of the sacred path. If you choose to go through this portal you will be transformed in ways that you cannot imagine until you have gone through the experience.

The Heart Way©™

Remembering the Language of the Soul©™

The Heart Way Certification©™

Intellectual Emotional Spiritual Physical Balance as a Human Beaming

The Heart Way Certification©™ is a multi-year process, depending on your level of interest. You may enter as a participant with no desire to move forward with certification, but simply to attain and maintain your own balance. You may discover a desire to become a Level I practitioner. You may then choose to become a Teacher of The Heart Way. You may decide to establish one of The HART Centers in your locale. Ultimately, you may desire to become a practicing Metaphysician. The choice will be yours throughout the process.

We are excited to offer you an opportunity to immerse into The Heart Way©™. Come be with us and dive deeply into your history to discover that which wants to be healed.

Each session has its own specific theme that will be the focus of the weekend along with physical self-care, intention-setting, Heart Work, artistic expression, chi kung practice, and shared meal preparation.

Doc Jane and The Heart Way Team are Master Teachers here to support you on your path of learning The Heart Way©™.

The Heart Way Training

The Heart Way©™ Certification

The Heart Way certification offers a component that provides continuing education for professionals in the counseling field as well as laypersons seeking self-empowerment.

The National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) has approved The Healing Arts Research Training Center (The HART Center) as a continuing education provider # 75937; therefore, these hours may be applicable to your licensure requirements. You will have to check with your professional association to make certain that these hours will be accepted.

“The primary human defenses are built in on the established cultural memes that keep us solidly within the illusion of the way things always have been.”

Doc Jane (1984)

“Breath is the vessel, music is the map”

Doc. Jane