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In this kickoff weekend for Year 1, the group will learn about why we acknowledge the 8 Chakra System and practice using movement and voice techniques to clear, heal and balance the energy body. Chakra = Energy Center, each of which controls and energizes a specific region of the physical and energy bodies. It is essential to our overall intellectual / emotional inner guidance, our physical health, and our Spiritual well-being to become conscious of and care for all four aspects of the Human Experience simultaneously.

This program takes place with a fully immersive weekend at The HART Center™ and the innerquest on The HART Center™ campus in MidTown Memphis, TN.  Participant fee includes shared meals (breakfast Saturday & Sunday, lunch Saturday & Sunday, and dinner on Saturday) and a bed in shared housing at innerquest.  

There are 2 steps to sign up for Session 1 of The Heart Way Training for January 2020.

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Registrations are closed for this event. Please email jane@thehartcenter.org to see if there are any open spots.

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The Heart Way™ Training Year One

We are excited to offer you an opportunity to immerse into The Heart Way™. This experience will begin your process of stepping onto the Vertical Path to remember the Language of the Soul© as you discover, uncover and recover your intellectual emotional spiritual physical balance as a Human Beaming. The Heart Way™ Certification is a multi-year process, depending on your level of interest. You may enter as a participant with no desire to move forward with certification, but simply to attain and maintain your own balance. You may discover a desire to become a Level I practitioner, choose to become a Teacher of The Heart Way™, and establish one of The HART Centers™ in your locale. Ultimately, you may desire to become a practicing Metaphysician. The choice will be yours throughout the process.

The Heart Way™ Certification is a commitment that an individual will begin by becoming conscious of and clearing personal issues. We are convinced by our own experiences that breath, movement, vocalization, vibration, art and processing are integral components of exploring and healing our human psyche. You will learn to hold the sacred container for yourself and others who choose to do their work to awaken to a SupraConscious© state.

Each weekend will be led by Doc Jane and other noted professionals in the field of the healing arts who will offer their expertise in their respective disciplines.