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Welcome to The Heart Way!

The Heart Way provides educational and therapeutic services focused on integrating intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical experiences.  Discover deeper meaning and purpose through 17 integrated techniques that have been developed over 36 years utilizing music, breath, movement, art, meditation, toning and other healing modalities.  These vibrational tools help shift your consciousness and activate you inner healer / teacher.

Join us for one-on-one private sessions with our experienced wellness practitioners, immersive workshops, classes, The Heart Way Events and certification.  We host programs and classes from transformative healers like “Music is the Medicine” with award winning, music pioneers Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf PhD, “The LifeLine Technique” with Dr. Darren Weissman a best-selling author, and “Own Your Tone, voice Empowerment” with Carol Piro, Holographic Sound Healer/Trainer and Performing Vocalist.

We are located in culturally rich MidTown Memphis, TN on The HART Center campus (Healing Arts Research Training Center).

Latest Features

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The Heart Way Certification©™

The Heart Way Certification©™ is a commitment that an individual will begin by becoming conscious of and clearing personal issues. We are convinced by our own experiences

The Heart Way Events Launched 2020

We just launched The Heart Way Events January 2020 We are dedicated to providing transformational therapies, events and sacred community to support you as you move further

“Magnify your essence and you find your magnificence.” 

Lois Grasso (2020)

“Consciousness creates reality. And we are all together this consciousness! We must now take full responsibility for the fact that our thoughts are creative. We are the meaning-makers of our lives.” 

Jacquelyn Small

“There are steps – that when you choose to take them – help you to reprogram the addictive hamster wheel patterns of your subconscious mind.” 

Dr. Darren Weissman

“Truth is the platform on which we stand when we match the outside to the inside and there is nothing left to hide.” 

Doc Jane (1975)

“Primary human defenses are constructs from cultural memes that keep us solidly within the illusion that this is how things will always be.” 

Doc Jane (1984)

“Breath is the vessel, music is the map.”

Doc Jane (2019)